Events & Schedule

  • Live Days February 15 & 16(Chat with Exhibitors & Fellow Retailers)
  • Early Birds February 15 & 16
  • Buying Period February 15 - March 4, 2022
  • NHPA Seminar – February 16th at 2:00pm EST


  • Minimum order of $2,500 of show products only
  • Maximum of three open stock orders per store location
  • Unlimited drop ship orders
  • Allow up to two weeks for shipping
  • All orders must ship by March 31, 2021


  • Purchases of $2,500 to $4,999 will receive net 60 day terms
  • Purchases greater than $5,000 will receive net 90 day terms


Spiffs will be taken off each invoice as a separate line item except for mix-n-match spiffs which will be issued on a separate invoice.

Industry Meetings

Meet with Exhibitors through video and text chat to discuss their products and offerings plus network with fellow retailers.


Five Tips to Make Your Employees More Productive - Presented by Dan Tratensek

Wage increases have had a dramatic impact on the way small business owners manage their operations. During this session, we will share five tactics that independent retailers can leverage to track employee productivity, improve employee performance and cultivate a team that is goal-focused and motivated.

Prizes - Two Ways to Win!

  • This year, Lancaster customers have two ways to earn prizes. Click the button to the right for a breakdown, prize pictures and an example.
  • The first way to win is based on your show purchases during the first two days of the show (February 15th & 16th). Customers will earn a virtual scratch off ticket for EACH tier they reach. Each tier has its own prize up for grabs.
  • The second is based on your engagement during the virtual trade show. Each exhibitor has a $50 USD Amazon gift card up for grabs. They will give it away to the customer they think deserves it the most. This can be based on anything from a video conference to asking the best question in their booth chat.
  • All monies awarded will be in USD
Prize Type Prize Substitute Given Away
Tier Seven Purchases Over $100,000 USD Apple, Dell, Asus or LG Laptop $1,500 Amazon Gift Card 1
Tier Six Purchases Over $50,000 USD Large Big Green Egg Grill $1,000 Amazon Gift Card 2
Tier Five Purchases Over $25,000 USD 65” TV $400 Amazon Gift Card 8
Tier Four Purchases Over $15,000 USD Apple Air Pods Pro $200 Amazon Gift Card 10
Tier Three Purchases Over $10,000 USD $100 Amazon Gift Card n/a 20
Tier Two Purchases Over $5,000 USD $20 Amazon Gift Card n/a 50
Tier One Purchases Over $2,500 USD NIX Color Sensor $10 Amazon Gift Card 50
Booth Pick $50 USD Amazon Gift Card n/a 100+

  • Tremendous Spring Savings
  • Early Birds, Hot Buys, Spiffs, Bulk Buys
  • Seminars & Product Training Videos
  • Full Access to New Products, Catalogs & Literature
  • Prizes for Exploring the Show
  • Extended Payment Terms
  • Assortments & Displays
  • Delayed Shipping
  • Network with Fellow Retailers
  • Schedule Video Meetings with Exhibitors to Discuss Their Products & Assortments

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*Due to the volatile nature of the economy and supply chain, physical show books will not be printed