The Lancaster Advantage

Product Selection

Our marketing team continually considers and researches new products to enhance our offerings. We stock over 24,000 products from more than 400 manufacturers, giving Lancaster the greatest range of choices in the industry. Lancaster is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the Dynamic and Merit Pro lines of value-driven paint sundries. Both lines of products offer the best combination of competitive pricing and product quality to service a wide range of professional and DIY consumers. Members of Lancaster’s field sales team are highly trained paint and sundry specialists. These professionals regularly update their knowledge of product, consumer and market trends through manufacturer supported training sessions. At Lancaster, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest level of expertise in the market.

Distribution Capabilities

Lancaster today has more than 635,000 square feet of distribution space located coast-to-coast. As a result, we are able to maintain in excess of $40 million in inventory. With distribution centers in California, Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey, South Carolina, Texas, and Canada, we continue to improve our distribution systems to increase efficiency and hold down costs for our customers. We are committed to providing exactly what you need when you need it. Lancaster offers UPS and common carrier shipments with low minimums enabling us to provide next-day delivery for most of our customers.

Technology Capabilities

Equipped with the latest technology, our customer service and sales teams can efficiently enter orders, check stock at all distribution centers, and track each order from entry to delivery. Additionally, this technology allows us to provide comparable product suggestions and technical information instantly. Customers can be up-to-date with Lancaster’s real time inventory through our password-protected, secure website. Once logged in, a Lancaster customer can view catalogs, check current promotions, place orders, check inventory, and view and print invoices. Lancaster’s OE Touch mobile application brings many of these same features and applications to just about any mobile device. We are continually evaluating and upgrading our technology to increase efficiency and maintain our reputation for stellar customer service.

Advantages of Lancaster

In today’s fast moving economy, time, flexibility and accuracy are highly important. Lancaster has long been committed to these values, and it shows in our sophisticated distribution system, which has many advantages. By providing the right products, at the right time, we help ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition.


  • Lower Price
  • High $ Order Minimum
  • Full Cartons
  • 2-3 Week Lead Time
  • Increased On-Hand Inventory
  • Increased Out-of-Stocks
  • Invest in Inventory
  • Multiple POs
  • Multiple Orders to Receive
  • Multiple Invoices
  • Multiple Sales Reps, Order Depts.
  • Difficult Special Order - Limited Options


  • Lower Cost
  • Low $ Order Minimum / Mix 100s of Lines
  • Broken Cases Most Items
  • Next Day Service
  • Weekly Orders = Maximum Turns
  • Weekly Orders = Increased In-Stocks
  • Invest in Expansion
  • One PO
  • One Order to Receive
  • One Invoice
  • One Sales Rep, One Phone Call
  • 20,000+ Items Available