Add-on Order Policy

Revised 2/1/2019

Effective beginning 2/1/19, Lancaster will no longer accept add-on orders.
Exceptions are add-on requests that occur one day prior to the scheduled ship date.
Multiple orders placed at the same time will be considered one order when calculating prepaid order minimums.
All subsequent orders will be subject to posted order minimums.

Cut-off Time Policy

Branch Time
BR#1 (PAULINE) 10:00am EST
BR#2 (LARGO) 10:00am EST
BR#8 (KENTUCKY) 10:00am EST
BR#9 (MESQUITE) 11:00am EST
BR #14 (NJ) 12:00pm EST for all LTL Shipments, UPS & Sunteck Landover, 4:00pm EST for other Sunteck deliveries